Powell Peralta Caballero Chinese Dragon Skateboard Deck

Powell Peralta Caballero Chinese Dragon

Powell Peralta Caballero Chinese Dragon Skateboard Deck-If you are not sure where and how to buy the best skateboard of all time, you must look for the Powell Peralta Caballero Chinese dragon. It’s durable and can help ride with faster speed and a balanced body posture. You can pair this product with Zealous bearings for a completely waterproof structure.


Its shape is quite traditional and features a broad, old-school tail with a lot of kicks. The nose is almost entirely flat and has just a tiny bit of a kick. If you are looking for a unique design to stand out in the crowd, this is the right skateboard to rock the world around you. Hence, it is 10cm wide and 10 inches long. We never recommend wetting your skateboard. It is waterproof but still can be damaged during a longtime exposure to water and weather.


So, never underestimate its performance. It’s not like a traditional skateboard because it delivers the highest performance, even on rough tracks. You will love its gravitational movements, and its smooth waterproof surface will help you drive faster with passion. In addition, its pop lasts for a longer time than the other traditional skateboards of the same sort.
However, it has a lower layer of carbon fiber that prevents it from cracking and adds a tensile strength to allow the wood to flex when needed.

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Powell Peralta Caballero Chinese Dragon Skateboard Deck