Moose Old School Skateboard Deck

Moose Old School Skateboard Deck

Moose Old School Skateboard Deck

As one of the current top-rated blank skateboard decks, the Moose old school skateboard deck is incredibly user-friendly, so you won’t have any difficulty learning to ride it. This maple board deck construction and modern design on the concave and nose ensure a higher level of dependability. The location of the truck in the back is flawless.

This board was intended to be a cruiser, but several riders turned it into their favorite trick board by adding rails, hollow trucks, and hard wheels. This deck is a lot more durable than we expected and has a lot of pop! Overall, it’s an excellent cruiser and a fantastic blank for tricks.

However, this is excellent for skateboarding art. The only piece of advice we have for folks is to sand down the area where you want to perform the art if you want to do it. They applied a really smooth, glossy sealant to it, which prevents things from clinging to it, so you need to sand it down.




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Moose Old School Skateboard Deck