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Every skateboard brand these days has a new design and trendy graphics. The skaters are proud to display their exquisite deck creations. Every skateboarder wants their own custom deck or skateboard with a distinctive style, but how much personalization is possible?

The blank deck is a new style that allows us to customize, reinvent, and have our own distinct identity whenever we want.

The nicest characteristic of a blank deck is it’s lacking in any graphics or business logos. On a blank deck, we can draw our stickers, colours, images, and designs; we can then take them off whenever we want to construct a new design.

Many individuals complain about the quality of blank decks while we are shopping for one. It is more difficult to find the best blank skateboard decks than an average skateboard. Fortunately, we have found a top recommendation for the best blank skateboard decks in this post along with details on their flexibility, stability, and quality.

Why Moose Blank Skateboard rather than others?

When you want to remain within your budget and want to buy the best skateboard deck, you should choose the Moose Blank deck without any worry. It has a strong frame, excellent performance, and variations to provide the possible transitions. Hence, it comes in various sizes and colors, and you can choose one that could be helpful for you.


It’s a blank deck, and you can customize this product according to your needs. Some people believe that Moose decks are best for beginners because of their heavy build, but it’s totally wrong. This product is excellent for kids and beginners because of its size and shape.

In addition, the product is made with 100 % Canadian maple and meets the industry criteria.  So, because of its build, it provides the airborne strength to drive and land the deck easily.

The best blank skateboard decks have a 10′′ x 30′′ size, a classic fish design, a scooped nose, a big kicktail, and a contemporary concave. If you don’t want to ride it, you can paint this empty desk whatever you like.

The board can be used to mount any of your preferred trucks because the holes have been drilled with a modern standard bolt pattern.

The greatest blank skateboard decks for art are those from Moose; they come in a variety of colours and let you create your own distinctive deck. Dipped White, Dipped Black, and Natural Fish are just a few of the hues they offer. Additionally, the deck includes 100% grippy tape, which is a wonderful extra.


If we talk about performance, it’s the best skateboard decks brand up till now. Hence, come with a modern concave that can handle the hard flex while skating on a rough surface. It can bear heavy loads because of its concave shape that allows maximum flex and excellent performance every time. So, it won’t snap on a hard surface.

Old School skaters served as the deck’s main source of inspiration. This deck has a modest concave with a kicking tail and nose. The deck has a natural finish and is built of 7 plies of 100% Canadian maple, which is the ideal combination of strength and lightness.

The Moose old-school deck is ideal for cruising and skating in parks, which is what every advanced skater seeks in a deck. The deck offers excellent control, and the concave enhances stability.

Moreover, it’s important to watch for the size of the deck when you want to buy the right one. Thus, the Moose deck has variable size options, and you can go with one that could be suitable for you.

Editorial Opinion

We are here to provide excellent blank skateboard decks to anyone who enjoys skateboarding and creating art. These Moose blank decks are normally less expensive than those custom decks and are entirely customizable, allowing you to paint.

You can print your own artwork on them. If you are a skater who goes through a lot of boards or a beginner on a tight budget, good blank skateboard decks can be the way to go.




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