JBM Skateboard Helmet for Adults

JBM Skateboard Helmet for Adults

JBM Skateboard Helmet for Adults

The JBM Skateboard Helmet for adults is a wonderful option if you’re searching for safety equipment that is simple to use and provides complete protection. This helmet is offered in numerous sizes and a variety of colors. The exterior of the helmet is plain and sleek, and the strap is

straightforward. It provides you with the best protection for this kind of sport because it is evenly balanced and completely covers the cerebrum.

Expandable, absorbent foam is located inside the helmet. This lessens the impact of a fall and guards against brain injury. This CPSC-certified helmet provides good protection overall thanks to the use of EPS technology inside and a PVC shell.

Although it has a few air slots, it doesn’t provide a lot of breathing room. The helmet is therefore more suited for shorter skating outings.




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JBM Skateboard Helmet for Adults