Best ICE DRAGON Canadian Maple Skateboard Deck

ICE DRAGON Blank Skateboard Decks | 7-Ply Canadian Maple

Best ICE DRAGON Canadian Maple Skateboard Deck-Are you searching for a reliable and compatible skateboard deck that could last for a longer time? Stop your search and consider buying an Ice dragon deck. Why ice dragon rather than others? Its answer is simple. First, it is the best quality skateboard deck, and amazon made board with an excellent build and frame. Numerous factors make this product outstanding and will compel you to buy.


The deck is made with heavy material and offers to bear the 290 lbs weight. Hence, the board is mellow concave and comprises Canadian maple wood. Thus, it’s a twin nose board with stiffed pockets. You will love its drifting and transitions along with excellent pop performance. In addition, its size is suitable for all types of riders and is 8” in width and 31” in length.

Moreover, it’s available in 5 different color options, and you can see its grain to provide compatibility.


It’s a double nose board but still has the margin of performance. Some people never like the double nose deck, but you will love its handling and performance on tough paths. You can dust the board or make it your favorite color. The deck is strong and has the maximum capacity to bear shocks and unusual weather conditions. Hence, there is no chip when you expose it to the outside.

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