How to Clean a Skateboard Deck?

How to Clean a Skateboard Deck?

You want to keep your skateboard clean because you enjoy skating and don’t want any interruption in your free ride. However, you may come across gum, grease, filth, and grime along the route. Skateboards are also particularly vulnerable to water, and they are constantly exposed to the grime of the streets. As a result, it’s critical to clean your deck and wheels on a regular basis. 

However, we have some simple solutions that could help to clean the skateboard and you can carry on your fun with full thrill and excitement. This guide is provided to learn some simple cleaning methods. 

So, continue reading to learn how to properly clean a skateboard.

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Step 1

Cleaning of skateboard deck

What is the Best Way to Clean a Skateboard? Cleaning a skateboard deck may appear to be more difficult than cleaning the wheels on the surface, but it’s actually pretty simple if you know what you are doing. So, your skateboard’s orientation should be lubricated with oil or oil to work appropriately. 

That means a cleaner and some water are not going to cut it. Hence, to clean them, you will need a dissolvable like CH3)2CO, isopropyl liquor, or scouring liquor, and you have to re-oil them once you are done.

How to remove water marks?

Using something fragile and pointy, such as a pin, gently pop the protections of your skateboard surface. If your bearing guards are made with elastic, be careful not to puncture or twist the metal ring that holds them in place. If they are metal, there should be a C-shaped clasp to secure them in place. Thus, get your pin beneath it and gently pull the clasp off, and the safeguard should pop out.

Cleaning of grip tape

You need to buy a soft brush for cleaning purposes. Hence, choose one with robust bristles that are too sharp, as this could shred the grip tape. Additionally, you want them to be small so that you can clean them with care. The grip tape on your skateboard deck will be ruined by large bristles.

However, you can begin brushing your grip tape through the other side of the deck at the end of the deck. To bring out the deeper dirt on the surface, you should go section by section. You can sweep it with your hands. Make sure not to overwork the soft wire brush in your deck or the grit on your board will be stripped.

After brushing your deck with a soft wire brush, use grip gum (available at local skate shops) to remove any remaining dirt. You rub it on the grip tape like a pencil eraser and then wipe it away. Your board will appear to be new if you execute it properly and perfectly.

Step 2

How to clean skateboard wheels?

To remove the wheels from your skateboard, first ensure that you have a skate tool or a socket wrench. To do so, remove each bolt from your truck’s axle. When your bolt has been removed, place the truck’s axle at a 45-degree angle inside the bearing’s mouth. By doing so, you will be able to break the bearings out with a crowbar-like effect. Keep in mind that you need to secure both of the bearings for each wheel. So now it’s time to polish your wheels. You can also clean your bearings in the meantime. In addition, you can put the wheels in soapy water and brush them nicely.  Although the dirt on the tyre track that touches the ground is nasty, causing most damage inside the wheels. As a result, you should wipe them completely with a cloth, rag, or paper towel. The key is to clean the interior of the wheel, as well as the wheel track and sidewalls. Make sure to soak the wheels until the muck is readily removed from the wheel track. 

How to clean bearings?

The best way to clean the bearings is to soak them in a mixture of isopropyl alcohol and water. It will help to clean them entirely and your bearings will shine like new. 

Step 3

Is it important to dry the wheels?

This is a crucial part of the cleaning procedure. If you keep your wheels wet, additional dirt and grime will stick to them. Furthermore, wet wheels reduce the smoothness of your ride. You should also make sure that your wheels are totally dry before installing your bearings, since water might damage these bearings.

However, water might cause your deck to get soggy. If you skip this step, you may end up damaging your skateboards while cleaning the wheels. You can dry your wheels separately with a rag or paper towels and leave them in the sun for a few hours.

Reassembling the skateboard

You can begin reassembling your skateboard by rotating your wheels now that every part of it is clean. If your wheels are old and weathered, you can skip this step to avoid a skewed alignment.

Otherwise, rotating your wheels is recommended to extend their life and smoothness. To begin, replace your clean bearings in their sleepers. After that, put your board back together. After that, you may have some fun with your pals while admiring your freshly cleaned wheels!

What things you should avoid?

Do not step on your board if you are in a muddy area. Water, as previously said, is your deck’s worst enemy. If you still want to skate in these locations, you might decide to invest in a rain deck. Indoor skate parks or other covered areas are the ideal places to store your skateboard.

As you can see, cleaning your skateboard when it’s dirty is really not difficult. Hopefully, after reading this post, you now know how to properly clean a skateboard so that you can continue to use it for a long time.

Final words

A simple guide is provided to clean your skateboard deck effortlessly. Now, enjoy skating with smooth and perfect riding experience. You can clean your skateboard after every two weeks and avoid using harsh chemicals. In addition, a water soluble cleaning solution will help you do this job with ease.