3 Best Double Drop Longboards

Best Double Drop Longboards in 2023

Best Double Drop Longboards-If the best double drop longboarding world is known for anything, it’s the different longboard shapes available, which confuse many longboarders.

Getting the most convenient alternative, from cambered pintails, drop-throughs, and twin to directional longboard shapes is always the source of confusion.

However, the discussion has always centered on two longboard forms for beginners, hill riders, and speed bombers: drop-through and drop-deck longboards.

The dropped standing platform in each of these deck designs helps to increase stability. They are also suitable for beginning riders because of their low center of gravity, which boosts confidence when riding quickly.

Although they both have low COGs, these low rides attain their low platforms in various methods.

This indicates that one form is superior to the other for a specific riding style. Therefore, choosing one drop shape over the other will require you to make a number of sacrifices.

The drop-through longboards, for example, are quick and responsive but not as “stable” as the drop boards.

What if I told you that the limitations of the drop decks are not required of you?

The advanced design of double drop longboards combines elements of both drop-through and drop decks.

Simply defined, they eliminate the shortcomings of each design while combining the benefits of drop decks and drop through into a single system.

The genuine lowriders of longboards and double decks are versatile and can reach rather high speeds without the risk of losing balance.

They are especially favored by hill riders and hill bombers since they are fast and manageable thanks to their low center of gravity.

If a drop-down appeals to you, I’ll share with you my top 3 favorite double drop longboard decks available today.

In order to assist you in choosing the greatest double-drop longboard, I’ve also included a helpful drop-down buying guide.

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If you are searching for the best longboard for riding downhills and a comfortable form of transportation, is Landyachtz Switchblade? This longboard is regarded by many riders as one of the best ones available. However, is it true that good?

What distinguishes Landyachtz Switchblade from the competition? Before you purchase one, consider why so many riders favor this longboard above others and whether it is the best choice for you.

The Landyachtz skateboard company is not your typical one. The crew had spent a great deal of time and effort honing their products. They pay close attention to every detail, putting their skateboards through rigorous testing and pushing them to the maximum. They think they can’t offer the finest skateboard without riding each one yourself and getting a sense of how it rides.

They can only determine whether their skateboards can endure any damage by riding. The greatest approach to making skateboards that are sturdy, practical, comfortable, and quick is using this process.

In addition to extensive testing, Landyachtz ensures that they only employ premium materials. They don’t just use any regular Maple tree to produce the Canadian Maple wood. They had developed a deeper understanding of how to choose the best tree for their boards as a consequence of their years of production and attempts and errors. To ensure that only the best and strongest wood is used.

All of the Landyachtz skateboard completes were made with the idea that they should all be flawless and ready to use. They want to design the ideal skateboard, one that you can ride right away without having to make any alterations. To accomplish this, every component must be of high quality and matched exactly with every other component.

They made the decision to design and produce their own wheels, trucks, and bearings to complement their boards. The wheels and trucks were meticulously built and had through extensive inspection and testing, just like their decks.

They sell shirts, accessories, hats, gloves, tools, and hardware in addition to completes, wheels, and trucks. They act as a one-stop shop for all your skating requirements.

One business that supports protecting the planet’s natural beauty is Landyachtz. The company is dedicated to both encouraging sustainability and offering high-quality skateboards. For every skateboard they produce, they plant a tree to replace the ones that were cut down.

Overview of Landyachtz Switchblade

Landyachtz has been making high-quality skateboards for more than 22 years, earning the admiration of many riders and even their competitors. The Landyachtz Switchblade, which debuted more than ten years ago, is one of the most discussed topics Landyachtz items.

Switchblade is still attracting a lot of interest from riders today, particularly those searching for an all-around longboard. When it comes to quality, there is no question because Landyachtz has already shown that its products can withstand heavy use and damage for a very long period.

Even at faster speeds, the Landyachtz Switchblade longboard is incredibly stable. Riders can maintain their balance even as they raise their speed because of the vehicle’s sizable standing platform.

Riders can tuck their feet in the other direction thanks to the twin drop structure. The W concave of the Switchblade allows for a stable and solid foot lock-in.

The Switchblade is strong and simple to manage thanks to its 9-ply construction of 100% Canadian Maple wood. It also comes in two sizes: a 38-inch version with a 10-inch width and a 40-inch version with a 10-inch width. Different riding experiences are offered in the two sizes.

Features of Landyachtz Switchblade

Hand-selected 9-ply Canadian Maple Wood

One of the strongest boards available, with a 9-ply construction, made entirely of Canadian Maple. Although 9-ply construction is uncommon, Canadian Maple wood is rather common in the skating business. In addition, Landyachtz carefully examines each piece of Canadian Maple wood before using it to ensure that it has all the qualities required to produce a sturdy board.


Its flawlessly balanced shape makes it ideal for downhill and freerides adventures. Even when riding normally or switching, this type of design enables riders to maintain their stance. Due to its enormous wheel cuts, it also boasts a broad wheel clearance.

Drop-Through Construction 

Switchblade’s trucks are positioned above the board’s wingtips. Additionally, the standing platform is lower than the truck mount’s level and features a sloping drop that allows you to tuck your feet in front of it.

Trucks from Generation 6

Skateboards by Landyachtz are of the same high caliber as their decks. The high-end Freeride and Downhill trucks from Bear are improved in the Gen 6 Grizzly Trucks. Gen 6 Grizzly trucks have been strengthened and have improved maneuvering geometry.

These trucks have three different baseplate angles and hangar widths, making them quite configurable. You may then configure your trucks to work the way you want them to.

Mini Zombie Hawgs Wheels, 70mm

The Hawg wheels have an offset core and a round-lipped shape. Switchblade has soft wheels that enable smooth movement on virtually any surface. These wheels provide smoother glides and are tough.

Bear Ball Bearings

Switchblade’s bearings include built-in spacers. These guards are against harm to the Grizzly trucks. This is excellent information for riders learning how to slide.


Despite having few designs, the Switchblade is nonetheless appealing. The majority of the illustrations are mountains, representing the board’s primary riding style, which is downhill and freerides.

Our Overall Review




  • Dependable and strong deck
  • Substantial wheel cutouts
  • Has integrated spacers
  • Supple and robust wheels
  • Obstinate deep concave
  • Simple to use


  • It may be difficult to change the riding position.
  • Quite expensive
  • A little heavy

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Landyachtz Switchblade Review: Everything You Need to Know!

Landyachtz Switchblade Chief Night Complete Longboard

Are there any local terrains that you’ve wanted to slash but haven’t been able to? Do you have restrictions on what you can do with your cruiser? Set your fears aside and think about updating your board. You deserve better than this!

Throw away your board if it enables you to sail and sleep at the same time! It need not be so boring to go on a cruise. Choose nothing less than the Arbor Dropcruiser if you want to elevate cruising. Why chooses an Arbor?

What makes Arbor stand out as the best? Arbor is known for being the first action sports company to take sustainability into account at every stage of production. Arbor is one of the most well-known brands in the world today among board enthusiasts.

Each Arbor longboard serves as a symbol of the brand’s commitment to expert craftsmanship. Not to mention their 25-year commitment to environmental sustainability. Each Arbor longboard’s wood structure upholds this advocacy.

Overview of the Arbor Dropcruiser

The company’s Flagship Series includes the Arbor Dropcruiser. Pilsner, Sizzler, Axis, and Zeppelin Flagship boards are also part of the series. How can the discrepancies between these board line-ups be distinguished? The aesthetics of Arbor’s boards are arranged according to the series to which each board belongs.

The size, form, and general design of each line-up in the Flagship series is unique as well. Additionally, a growing group of artists and designers created each of these boards with the intention of using the greatest and greenest materials possible.

The fact that they make decks using recycled materials is evidence of their environmental consciousness. A board is therefore a perfect representation of each Arbor designer’s creativity and commitment. Of course, Arbor cruiser boards are environmentally friendly in more ways than just the deck. Everything in it, including the wheels, was made with environmental sustainability in mind.

What other fantastic things can you accomplish with this board? Technical sliding and freeriding maneuvers including heel- and toe-side 180-degree slides are available.

Features of Arbor Dropcruiser

Why should you pick Arbor cruisers over other longboard manufacturers? There are lots of good reasons to do this, after all! The following features highlight some of these causes:

Maple Hardrock Deck from Canada

The 9-ply Canadian Hardrock Maple used in the construction of the Arbor Dropcruiser was produced with an eye on environmental sustainability. If you’re a supporter of environmentally responsible goods, you’ll be pleased to ride on this board knowing that its wood waste is being recycled and used to make new goods.

The drop-through mount on this board offers the benefit of a lower deck. This means ease of foot pushing and braking. Its 38″ x 9.75”-dimension increases stability and comfort.

Mildly Lower Concave Deck

This board has a modest concave that enables the rider’s feet to be kept in place securely so that downhill freeriding may be done with great confidence. Because of its extremely low platform, riding at higher speeds is also more pleasant. A lower deck has the advantage of being less scary while pushing sideways at a higher speed.

Paris 180mm Trucks

Paris 180mm trucks, which are renowned for being suitable for any type of terrain, are included with the Arbor Dropcruiser. No matter what riding style users prefer, it can complement any longboard thanks to its 180mm hanger.

Its complete tilt ensures effortless carving thanks to its open bushing seat. Longboard trucks are known to be among the best with Paris trucks being one of the best. Additionally, the 50° baseplate angle guarantees a fluid rotation, making each carve simple.

Wheels Arbor Outlook

These Arbor Outlook wheels are ideal for cruising and carving, in addition to having a sophisticated appearance. It boasts a 78A durometer rating for softness and a 2.5 mm offset, which together make for the ideal grip and balance. When cornering, a 78a durometer offers a good grip. Rolling over cracks and minor bumps are made less problematic by these characteristics.

What advantages can a 2.5mm offset offer? It makes it possible for the board to have a kinder sliding initiation. Additionally, you will have better control over your board when you have the ideal amount of grip. Additionally, the Arbor Outlook Wheels have a rounded lip that greatly facilitates switching from grip to slide.

Increased Center Ridge

The middle ridge of the Arbor 38mm core is designed to be higher. This stops the urethane wheels from distorting. Therefore, the integrity of the wheels in retaining their shape still exists even when the user rides the board on uneven terrain. All these advantages without having to worry about speed being compromised or maneuverability being challenging.

The Sucrose Formula 

Riders who care about the environment will be impressed to learn that Arbor wheels use the Sucrose Formula, a sugar-based remedy. What do you exactly mean by the sucrose formula, though? This indicates that the wheels’ parts are environmentally friendly.

This formula is a component of Arbor’s initiative to lessen the petroleum emissions from the manufacture of urethane wheels.

 Finding Roots

Arbor takes delight in informing its clients that they give back all they take. Arbor uses a significant quantity of wood from the forest in the production of its boards. Because of this, Arbor has always adhered to the three fundamental tenets of environmentally sustainable production.

What three Arbor principles are there? They are quality, sustainability, and environmental preservation. Customers can exhale in relief knowing that the products they bought are manufactured by people who are serious about making efforts to attain a better environment thanks to these ideals.

Our Overall Review




  • Spacious platform
  • Sturdy deck
  • Increased wheelbase
  • Wheels with shock absorbers
  • Enormous curvature
  • Stunning works of art
  • Shady grip tape


  • Not a kicktail
  • Poor bearings
  • Inadequate grip
  • Easy to chip

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Arbor Dropcruiser Flagship - Mid-sized Commuter

Arbor Dropcruiser Flagship - Mid-sized Commuter

Another best double longboard is shown here that you will definitely adore.

Although it isn’t a very well-known longboard, the Skateboard Drop Through Longboard hits the ideal mix between price and performance.

Additionally, because it is simply a drop longboard, as its name implies, beginners will immediately enjoy a low center of gravity and stable ride.

But how does it perform?

Let’s explore.

Features and Benefits


Skateboard Through Longboard can be a fantastic option if you desire a longboard that blends in.

It lacks the elaborate patterns or graphics we saw earlier with the Arbor or the Switchblade and is a straightforward, modest board.

It has some nice purple wheels that give it a hint of elegance, but it’s not too fancy either.

The black grip tape that holds you on the deck is fantastic. This board is appropriate for cautious riders who are still learning how to longboard because of the grip tape and the drop shape.

Double Drop Skateboard Deck 

The deck of the Through Longboard is made of Canadian Maple for maximum strength and durability. It is really dependable and will handle the damage from longboarding like a champ.

For instance, unlike the majority of hardwood decks, it doesn’t crack or even chip.

Although it has some flex, it leans more toward the hard side. Given that the board is low to the ground, the rigidity is advantageous because it makes the board less likely to bottom out even when carrying large riders.

The form is the same as that of our other drop-down menus. It has a drop deck and drop-through mounts, resulting in a longboard setup that is dropdown.

For a number of reasons, I really like this design.

The center of gravity is lowered, which is the main advantage. If it’s your first board, this is helpful as it increases stability. Beginner longboarders will feel motivated to attack the hills without fear of failing. The little concave is another feature sliders will appreciate.

The concave is crucial because it generates deep pockets on both ends that keep you secure when sliding or even going downhill. I can’t stress this enough.

Last but not least, the deck is a decent size. Even the tallest rider will be able to fit comfortably inside the 39.75-inch length and 9.75-inch width!


The Skateboard Double Drop Through board has a lot going for it when it comes to cruising, as you might anticipate for a deck that low. When pushing the board, your feet don’t have to move very far, making it simple to log miles with the least amount of effort.

The wide wheel cutouts on this board make carving simple and prevent wheel biting in any way. The Skateboard Double Drop Through Longboard can also be used as a hill deck because of its low center of gravity (COG), stability, and big wheels.

Our Overall Review




  • Trucks & Wheels
  • Durable and Reliable
  • Smooth skating experience


  • Heavy

Where to buy?


Skateboard Drop Through Longboard - Best Value

Buyer’s Guide

The best double drop longboard can be purchased in the same way as a conventional drop-down or drop deck board. When buying, there are a few aspects you should be aware of.

Deck Length

The height, shoe size, and riding style of the rider all play a role in determining what deck size to choose.

We advise taller riders to get a longer deck because it will provide greater width and space for your feet. This is especially true if the foot location is what initially drew you to the concept of a double drop board.

Wheel Assembly

You could be worried about the wheel bite because a double drop-through has its trucks installed across the deck through designated holes. Fortunately, you can prevent this by providing space for the wheel with cut-outs in the deck.

On a board like this, there are other ways to prevent wheelbite besides this. For instance, make sure the wheelbase is moved outward rather than inward by the rucks.


Here, I’ll be honest with you.

You should typically budget between $200 and $400 for a high-quality double dropdown board because they are more expensive than their conventional equivalents.

Heads up

We considered alerting you about the possibility of getting a double dropdown for yourself. Although these longboards are excellent for traveling long distances, they lack the same degree of maneuverability as the more conventional options.

What are the best uses for double drop deck longboards?

Choosing a double drop is frequently the best option if you enjoy the following riding techniques:

commuting and pushing the distance

A low center of gravity is advantageous when traveling long distances since it prevents speed wobbles and makes your board stable at high speeds.

Additionally, since you don’t need to kick as far to touch the ground, it is simpler and gentler on your knees and hips to push close to the concrete.

Sliding and Freeriding

In freeride, double drop boards perform particularly well at the novice or intermediate levels. Because of the reduced center of gravity, losing traction only requires moderate wheel force. On a drop-through, not only is it easier to break into slides, but it typically slides much farther.

On the other hand, you don’t have as much control while sliding as you would on a higher-up board.

Final Thoughts

The Landyachtz Switchblade is the best double drop longboard in our opinion. This choice appealed to us since it has a lot going on.

Despite being a little bit bulkier than others, it sits rather low and has amazing stability. It also has wonderful reactivity. It also performs well in a variety of activities, though downhill and cruising are where it really shines.