Best Double Drop Longboards

3 Best Double Drop Longboards in 2022

If the best double drop longboarding world is known for anything, it’s the different longboard shapes available, which confuse many longboarders.

Getting the most convenient alternative, from cambered pintails, drop-throughs, and twin to directional longboard shapes is always the source of confusion.

However, the discussion has always centered on two longboard forms for beginners, hill riders, and speed bombers: drop-through and drop-deck longboards.

The dropped standing platform in each of these deck designs helps to increase stability. They are also suitable for beginning riders because of their low center of gravity, which boosts confidence when riding quickly.

Although they both have low COGs, these low rides attain their low platforms in various methods.

This indicates that one form is superior to the other for a specific riding style. Therefore, choosing one drop shape over the other will require you to make a number of sacrifices.

The drop-through longboards, for example, are quick and responsive but not as “stable” as the drop boards.

What if I told you that the limitations of the drop decks are not required of you?

The advanced design of double drop longboards combines elements of both drop-through and drop decks.

Simply defined, they eliminate the shortcomings of each design while combining the benefits of drop decks and drop through into a single system.

The genuine lowriders of longboards and double decks are versatile and can reach rather high speeds without the risk of losing balance.

They are especially favored by hill riders and hill bombers since they are fast and manageable thanks to their low center of gravity.

If a drop-down appeals to you, I’ll share with you my top 3 favorite double drop longboard decks available today.

In order to assist you in choosing the greatest double-drop longboard, I’ve also included a helpful drop-down buying guide.

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If you are searching for the best longboard for riding downhills and a comfortable form of transportation, is Landyachtz Switchblade? This longboard is regarded by many riders as one of the best ones available. However, is it true that good?

What distinguishes Landyachtz Switchblade from the competition? Before you purchase one, consider why so many riders favor this longboard above others and whether it is the best choice for you.

The Landyachtz skateboard company is not your typical one. The crew had spent a great deal of time and effort honing their products. They pay close attention to every detail, putting their skateboards through rigorous testing and pushing them to the maximum. They think they can’t offer the finest skateboard without riding each one yourself and getting a sense of how it rides.

They can only determine whether their skateboards can endure any damage by riding. The greatest approach to making skateboards that are sturdy, practical, comfortable, and quick is using this process.

In addition to extensive testing, Landyachtz ensures that they only employ premium materials. They don’t just use any regular Maple tree to produce the Canadian Maple wood. They had developed a deeper understanding of how to choose the best tree for their boards as a consequence of their years of production and attempts and errors. To ensure that only the best and strongest wood is used.

All of the Landyachtz skateboard completes were made with the idea that they should all be flawless and ready to use. They want to design the ideal skateboard, one that you can ride right away without having to make any alterations. To accomplish this, every component must be of high quality and matched exactly with every other component.

They made the decision to design and produce their own wheels, trucks, and bearings to complement their boards. The wheels and trucks were meticulously built and had through extensive inspection and testing, just like their decks.

They sell shirts, accessories, hats, gloves, tools, and hardware in addition to completes, wheels, and trucks. They act as a one-stop shop for all your skating requirements.

One business that supports protecting the planet’s natural beauty is Landyachtz. The company is dedicated to both encouraging sustainability and offering high-quality skateboards. For every skateboard they produce, they plant a tree to replace the ones that were cut down.

Overview of Landyachtz Switchblade

Landyachtz has been making high-quality skateboards for more than 22 years, earning the admiration of many riders and even their competitors. The Landyachtz Switchblade, which debuted more than ten years ago, is one of the most discussed topics Landyachtz items.

Switchblade is still attracting a lot of interest from riders today, particularly those searching for an all-around longboard. When it comes to quality, there is no question because Landyachtz has already shown that its products can withstand heavy use and damage for a very long period.

Even at faster speeds, the Landyachtz Switchblade longboard is incredibly stable. Riders can maintain their balance even as they raise their speed because of the vehicle’s sizable standing platform.

Riders can tuck their feet in the other direction thanks to the twin drop structure. The W concave of the Switchblade allows for a stable and solid foot lock-in.

The Switchblade is strong and simple to manage thanks to its 9-ply construction of 100% Canadian Maple wood. It also comes in two sizes: a 38-inch version with a 10-inch width and a 40-inch version with a 10-inch width. Different riding experiences are offered in the two sizes.

Features of Landyachtz Switchblade

Hand-selected 9-ply Canadian Maple Wood

One of the strongest boards available, with a 9-ply construction, made entirely of Canadian Maple. Although 9-ply construction is uncommon, Canadian Maple wood is rather common in the skating business. In addition, Landyachtz carefully examines each piece of Canadian Maple wood before using it to ensure that it has all the qualities required to produce a sturdy board.


Its flawlessly balanced shape makes it ideal for downhill and freerides adventures. Even when riding normally or switching, this type of design enables riders to maintain their stance. Due to its enormous wheel cuts, it also boasts a broad wheel clearance.

Drop-Through Construction 

Switchblade’s trucks are positioned above the board’s wingtips. Additionally, the standing platform is lower than the truck mount’s level and features a sloping drop that allows you to tuck your feet in front of it.

Trucks from Generation 6

Skateboards by Landyachtz are of the same high caliber as their decks. The high-end Freeride and Downhill trucks from Bear are improved in the Gen 6 Grizzly Trucks. Gen 6 Grizzly trucks have been strengthened and have improved maneuvering geometry.

These trucks have three different baseplate angles and hangar widths, making them quite configurable. You may then configure your trucks to work the way you want them to.

Mini Zombie Hawgs Wheels, 70mm

The Hawg wheels have an offset core and a round-lipped shape. Switchblade has soft wheels that enable smooth movement on virtually any surface. These wheels provide smoother glides and are tough.

Bear Ball Bearings

Switchblade’s bearings include built-in spacers. These guards are against harm to the Grizzly trucks. This is excellent information for riders learning how to slide.


Despite having few designs, the Switchblade is nonetheless appealing. The majority of the illustrations are mountains, representing the board’s primary riding style, which is downhill and freerides.

Our Overall Review




  • Dependable and strong deck The hand-selected Canadian Maple wood’s 9-ply construction, as opposed to other common Maple wood boards, is what really sets them apart. The company is dedicated to offering top-notch goods and only uses premium components.
  • Substantial wheel cutouts Even when turning tightly on steep slopes, the huge wheel cutouts keep you from getting wheel bite. The Switchblade’s trucks increase responsiveness and provide a smoother ride. The board is made nimble and agile by the trucks while remaining simple to operate.
  • Suitable for all skater’s level
  • Active skateboard decks


  • There is no grip tape in the package

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Landyachtz Switchblade Review: Everything You Need to Know!

Landyachtz Switchblade Review: Everything You Need to Know!

As one of the current top-rated blank skateboard decks, the Moose skateboard deck is incredibly user-friendly, so you won’t have any difficulty learning to ride it. This maple board deck construction and modern design on the concave and nose ensure a higher level of dependability. The location of the truck in the back is flawless.

This board was intended to be a cruiser, but several riders turned it into their favorite trick board by adding rails, hollow trucks, and hard wheels. This deck is a lot more durable than we expected and has a lot of pop! Overall, it’s an excellent cruiser and a fantastic blank for tricks.

However, this is excellent for skateboarding art. The only piece of advice we have for folks is to sand down the area where you want to perform the art if you want to do it. They applied a really smooth, glossy sealant to it, which prevents things from clinging to it, so you need to sand it down.

Our Overall Review




  • High-quality deck
  • Durable and stable
  • Perfect for designing and board art
  • Suitable for all types of riders
  • The best blank skateboard decks


  • It May be expensive for some people

Where to buy?

Moose Old School Skateboard Deck

Moose Old School Skateboard Deck

Buyer’s Guide

A blank skateboard deck allows you to show your skills and skating levels, and you can learn various moves and tricks that you even know before using an ordinary deck. Thus, buying the best blank skateboard decks is somewhat tricky because of the many available options. It would help if you did not compromise on quality over any cost because there is no replacement for real fun and enjoyment.  However, you may consider some points when buying the best blank skateboards decks. So, size and shape matter a lot when you want to get an appropriate product that could be beneficial for a longer time. In addition, the quality of the product should be premium and 100 % authentic to let you experience various tricks and stunts.  So, let’s discuss this in detail. 

Final verdict

Finally, we have come to the point where you are quite clear to buy the best blank skateboard decks. So, never worry about the quality and the size because you will find various sizes of each product. In addition, the feasible shape will allow you to experience the tricks, transitions, and stunts as well. Thus, you don’t need to search and click the button to find your required product eventually.